Partenaires nationaux

Nos sincères remerciements à nos partenaires nationaux pour leur soutien indéfectible. Vous êtes indispensables à notre mission.

Partenaire fondateur et de toujours

TRANSLATE: We’re incredibly grateful for the continued support of McDonald’s Canada and our Maritime Owner/Operators, who support our families and our mission in so many ways. Along with providing more than 40% of our annual operating revenue, McDonald’s restaurants help spread the word about our organization, support us at major fundraising events, and much, much more.

Partenaires principaux de mission national

Partenaires de mission nationaux

Partenaires fondateurs

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The Brandt Group of Companies


DKI Canada Corporation


Fix Network


LG Electronics Canada

Martin Brower


Peace Collective

Sealy Canada

Sons Bakery

Walmart Canada Corporation