Meet the Gallants!

“Our first stay at Ronald McDonald House was a month long, when Dayla was fully diagnosed and began treatment. The tumour was 14 centimetres in size, and they determined that she had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

From there, the length of each stay varied depending on the treatments she was receiving. Our baby girl—so little and innocent—had to endure five rounds of chemotherapy, an 11-hour surgery, a double stem cell transplant (in Toronto), along with radiation, immunotherapy, and more.

RMHC Atlantic goes above and beyond for each and every family. I have a pretty big family, and we have had many special people come stay at the house with us and be close when we really needed it. We had to spend Christmas in the hospital and—while, as you can imagine, that was a pretty tough time—the Ronald
McDonald House absolutely spoiled our little girl.

I am extremely happy to say that my child is now four and a half, and it has been two years since she finished her treatment. We will continue to travel to Halifax every six months for the next three years for check-ups, and we always look forward to staying at Ronald McDonald House.

Allowing our family to be close during hospital stays has affected us in such a positive way. The House allows families to remain close to one another—to be a family—and they help lift the financial burden off of families’ shoulders. We sincerely thank RMHC Atlantic from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with such great service.”

– Janelle Gallant
Bloomfield, PEI