Family Stories


Mallory Powell from Charlottetown, PEI first stayed at Ronald McDonald House after she gave birth to her baby girl Ella at 24 weeks. Mallory had been pregnant with twins and lost one of her babies during pregnancy. When her water broke months before her due date she had to be airlifted to the IWK from PEI.

Mallory and her husband Mike were referred to Ronald McDonald House by their social worker at the hospital. Mallory recalls her first impression of the House.

“It felt like a House, not like a facility,” says Mallory. “Unlike the hospital, we had a window in our room and a big comfy bed. We haven’t even had to grocery shop since we’ve been here.”

These small comforts of home mean a lot to the Powell family who will stay in Halifax for months until Ella’s ready to leave.

“My whole pregnancy was traumatic,” says Mallory. “This was one thing we didn’t have to worry about. We have relied on the room at the House more than any other service that’s been offered to us.”

Although Mallory and Mike say that the House is comfortable and welcoming, there is one part of their day that they enjoy the most.

“Our favourite thing about going to the House is that we get to leave the hospital and that we have a spot that’s a 5 minute walk away,” says Mallory.

Although most nights, Mallory and Mike are at the hospital with Ella until 8 or 9 p.m. They say that going to the House can be a reality check.

““In the evening the House gets busier and you get to interact with other families,” says Mallory. “Seeing that other families are going through things really helps to put our situation in perspective.”