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Family Fun


Caroline Guinard bought her first Rubik’s Cube in middle school when she randomly picked one up at a science museum gift shop. After watching videos online and reading articles, she taught herself how to solve it.

Now she’s bringing her hobby to Ronald McDonald House where she’s been volunteering for the past year.

“When I first went to the House for my volunteer orientation I was amazed by how much it seemed like a family home and how friendly everyone was,” says Caroline. “I am very happy that a place like Ronald McDonald house exists to provide support to families going through difficult times.”

Caroline, a fourth year student at Dalhousie University decided to bring a little fun to her Sunday afternoon shift in the form of her Rubik’s Cube.  She says it’s actually easier to solve than you may think! In fact, her fastest time solving the cube was 31 seconds.

“One day I brought my cube to the House thinking that maybe someone might be interested,” recalls Caroline. “Surprisingly a lot of kids and parents wanted to watch me solve it or learn how to solve it. I then continued to bring a few cubes every week and after a while it became an official event!”

Caroline, who serves as the President of the Dalhousie Rubik’s Cube Society, shares that most people, including other volunteers, are quite impressed with seeing the cube solved. She says that it always makes her happy to see children and adults she taught solve the cube after some practice.

“For me, the most rewarding part of volunteering at the House is bringing a little bit of joy to someone’s day,” says Caroline. “Whether it’s helping a child solve a puzzle, playing a game, baking, or even teaching someone how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, I always find I learn so much from the families!”