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Experimenting With Science


Stephanie Bourne and Neha Siddhartha have been bringing some fun to the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Halifax in the form of science.

Both Dalhousie University students have been volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Charities Atlantic for more than two years and currently volunteer together on the Sunday afternoon shift.

“When I first started volunteering at the Family Room, I was impressed with how ‘homey’ and comforting the room is for patients and their families,” says Stephanie.

“I had no idea how many amenities were available to the families, such as overnight stays, laundry, showers, and dinners,” adds Neha. “It makes the lives of the families much easier.”

Stephanie and Neha share a passion for science and thought it would be fun to engage with the kids visiting the Family Room through science experiments. They say that seeing the children’s wonder and joy makes volunteering that much better.

Whether it’s making Oobleck from corn starch and water or a Colour Symphony with condensed milk and food colouring, kids at the Halifax Family Room look forward to participating in their science experiments.

Stephanie and Neha say the most rewarding part of volunteering is seeing the positive impact that the room and all of its services have on families, as well as seeing the kids smile.

“The Family Room allows us to relax and connect with the kids, families, and each other,” shares Neha. “From baking, to cleaning, to entertaining families, we take pride in the difference that we’re making and the organization that we’re a part of.”